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Friday, September 23, 2016

3 Reasons to be Excited about #SHRMI16

#SHRM12 at Atlanta was my first Dekho to any SHRM Conference - and Mind boggling is not the word. I had blogged about it some time back. I had come to respect SHRM think-tank and it's commitment to HR Content since then.
So I'm really on top of the world when I get another opportunity to be part of a select list of Social media evangelists to support this years Annual conference next week - coming as it does amidst a very demanding time for me and our baby venture SS Consulting.

So here are three reasons why I'm excited about #SHRMI16:

1. The content itself is exemplary. SHRM's research team has always been proactive on content.  Remember that this team brought the concept of 'Third-Gender' to limelight last year - many firms across our country are still in the dark about legal stuff around SC Judgements on this matter. Take a look at this year's agenda on this link -

2. The Theme itself ! I always wonder how shrm is able to simplify the theme to just one or two words. The Las Vegas conference, which I was lucky to have attended in 2015 had the theme - 'Thrive'. This years India annual is around the them 'Bold New HR'

3. Following up and connecting perfectly to the theme is this year's Keynote - Meat Ball Alumni would have no queries on why i'm excited about listening live to Mr. Pramod Bhasin - a man who dared to take the bold path and gladly led so many others (I was lucky to play a small part too) at Genpact.

Here are some links which will add to excitement as we run up to this special event by SHRM India team.



So what are the reasons why you are daring to attend this conference ?