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Friday, September 23, 2016

3 Reasons to be Excited about #SHRMI16

#SHRM12 at Atlanta was my first Dekho to any SHRM Conference - and Mind boggling is not the word. I had blogged about it some time back. I had come to respect SHRM think-tank and it's commitment to HR Content since then.
So I'm really on top of the world when I get another opportunity to be part of a select list of Social media evangelists to support this years Annual conference next week - coming as it does amidst a very demanding time for me and our baby venture SS Consulting.

So here are three reasons why I'm excited about #SHRMI16:

1. The content itself is exemplary. SHRM's research team has always been proactive on content.  Remember that this team brought the concept of 'Third-Gender' to limelight last year - many firms across our country are still in the dark about legal stuff around SC Judgements on this matter. Take a look at this year's agenda on this link -

2. The Theme itself ! I always wonder how shrm is able to simplify the theme to just one or two words. The Las Vegas conference, which I was lucky to have attended in 2015 had the theme - 'Thrive'. This years India annual is around the them 'Bold New HR'

3. Following up and connecting perfectly to the theme is this year's Keynote - Meat Ball Alumni would have no queries on why i'm excited about listening live to Mr. Pramod Bhasin - a man who dared to take the bold path and gladly led so many others (I was lucky to play a small part too) at Genpact.

Here are some links which will add to excitement as we run up to this special event by SHRM India team.



So what are the reasons why you are daring to attend this conference ?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Please help ! Tech Support: Phone Conversations to Text

26th June 2016 looked to be just another Sunday when it began at around 6.15 am for me and my boys. Yes, my sons Arnav (10.5 yrs) and Adharv (5 yrs) were excited about the boys only road trip to Kottayam to be with their 'Achamma' (Dad's mom).

So we left Kakkanad around 7 am and both boys fell off to sleep. It was when we reached were on the Kallara - Neendoor road passing thru a usual birding spot of ours that I pulled up and woke Arnav up. 15 minutes later we had this #Birding effort on Ebird.

When we got back home later that evening, I overheard my son Arnav telling his Mom that he found me on phone for most part of the day when at Kottayam. It was then that I decided to look at some hard data an here's the result of a manual check via my phone records.

Total No. of calls made / attended on 26th June - 21
Minutes spend talking including ones above 3 min duration - 4 hours 48 minutes !

Ever since the formation of our new venture about a year back, the time i spent on calls (Mobile, Skype, Whatsapp, Landline combined) has definitely gone up.  I wished that I find some more time to write about the stuff we end up doing in support of IT SME's (Small and Medium enterprises) of Gods Own Country - Kerala. I end up talking about (yep, bragging too a bit hehe) about the stuff we have been doing to my friends as well as prospects every week - but have not been able to convert those talks into texts which have an infinite shelf i.e internet life.  The Eureka moment for me was when I realized that if there was a way to convert some of those conversations from the 'Audio' to 'Text',  I have the solution to my 'writing' problem !

Hence this post with a request to my readers about any Technology / Application they know which can help convert Telephone conversations into editable text.

A quick google search gave took me to the following links:


I'm hoping to find more from my friends / readers.  Boy, ain't I glad that I could make this post today !!

Shall post updates via social channels of mine when I figure out the best solution.

Looking forward to your comments.

Friday, March 04, 2016

What's in a Name? The Hindu

The Hindu happens to be a newspaper which I took over a long time to connect to as a child reader in the late 80's all the way to early 90's during my school and college days. That story can be a topic of another blog some day (upon request) but today as I went thru the editorial page, I thought it helped me piece together some of the reasons why the paper IMHO supports my own quest for depth in many subjects.
Headlines from today's Editorial are as follows:

Reviving the Politics of Remission - about decision of AIADMK Govt in TN to release 7 life convicts from Rajiv Gandhi Assassination case

Welcome release, strange remarks - possibly the most viewed topic of the past 3 weeks - Yes, no paper could have missed having #JNU update on editorial today right - well I'm sure that one could find many which will.

An article titled 'No freedom without dissent' by Mr. Sanjay Hedge - Adv. of Supreme Court

I don't know if there's a newspaper which positions the responses from it's readers on the same page as it's editorial - Well this one does. That alone, to me shows the confidence and trust it has on the capability of it's readers.  There's dissent, Information, Wow's and much more - all in one page of a national daily.

Have to thank my lucky stars for keeping me clued to this newspaper from the time I managed to...

BTW - this happens to be my opinion :-) only - looking forward to reading the responses as comments

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

3 Reasons why SHRM16 is a Social Selling Opportunity

I had chanced upon this interesting article on social Selling a few days back and as is possible in a browse-only mode while working from home, this led me to some more material and links (videos too) on that Social Selling before I got myself back to the topic I've been thinking about this month - The SHRM Annual Conference of 2016 or the #Shrm16.  It then struck me that Exhibitors are looking a Social Selling possibilities at SHRM16.

So here's why I feel HR Product / Service vendors can stand to benefit thru Social Selling if they are 'present' at the Exposition.

My first look at this gigantic conference which gets over 15k HCM / HR folks (Practicing, Consulting, Teaching, Vending to name just a few) under one roof which goes across the United States year to year  was in Atlanta, GA back in 2012. I've been to Atlanta, Orlando and Vegas with SHRM Annual so far - the last one being self-sponsored.
I had a 'deer-in-headlights' feel written all over my face during the first one and missed most of the action, including the bustling exposition hall - see pic below:
I learned my lessons from then on and could plan my day better with the information available on the SHRM App - yes, it has a list of exhibitors, grouped under various HR function / Roles.

1. Almost every attendee is already an influencing agent with Huge (at times dormant) potential to influence! 
Let's go by Pareto and consider that it's only a portion who are within the 20% (like the 80-20 rule) of the total population HR folks in US are the ones attending these kind of conferences. Apparently, some bosses (I'm glad mine was different when I was in need) all over the world seems to wander outside the 20% - as the plethora of articles outlining strategies to win approvals from them seems to suggest.  Point I want to make is that as Exhibitors, your stall is going to be thronged by folks who can take decisions or influence decisions that are taken about HR product and services. Anyone heard of 'targets being in one basket' ?

2. Most attendees are already on Linkedin
According to this Infographic I found via Hubspot, over 80 of existing Social sellers use Linkedin as the Platform - Whoa, there you have it. I remember SHRM Hive had kiosks to help newbies get on to social media put up at #shrm12, so a lot of folks who are moving around your stall are already kind of primed up for the task you have for them. Imagine engaging them well enough and that resulting in a 'casual' linkedin post from one of them (there are many to try on) onto their social network with a mention / tag to your co / Product link? ... Linkedin? Impossible says I'M POSSIBLE right?

3. Attendees are most likely to be heavily Socially Networked 
To connect to the difference between being on social media and being socially networked - listen to @jill_rowley define social selling in this discussion.
The social envy piece of attending an annual notwithstanding, it's not rocket science to figure out that majority of the attendees will be highly networked by occupational hazard (being in Human resources) - so be it. So engage with the right one and the chances about that pleasure being broadcasted to their' network' is very highly likely. 

So get those strategy boards out and set the ball rolling and as a parting note, I feel that a Great metric to watch for measuring the success would be the length of the queue to Relaxation Stations - see pic below: