What's in a Name? The Hindu

The Hindu happens to be a newspaper which I took over a long time to connect to as a child reader in the late 80's all the way to early 90's during my school and college days. That story can be a topic of another blog some day (upon request) but today as I went thru the editorial page, I thought it helped me piece together some of the reasons why the paper IMHO supports my own quest for depth in many subjects.
Headlines from today's Editorial are as follows:

Reviving the Politics of Remission - about decision of AIADMK Govt in TN to release 7 life convicts from Rajiv Gandhi Assassination case

Welcome release, strange remarks - possibly the most viewed topic of the past 3 weeks - Yes, no paper could have missed having #JNU update on editorial today right - well I'm sure that one could find many which will.

An article titled 'No freedom without dissent' by Mr. Sanjay Hedge - Adv. of Supreme Court

I don't know if there's a newspaper which positions the responses from it's readers on the same page as it's editorial - Well this one does. That alone, to me shows the confidence and trust it has on the capability of it's readers.  There's dissent, Information, Wow's and much more - all in one page of a national daily.

Have to thank my lucky stars for keeping me clued to this newspaper from the time I managed to...

BTW - this happens to be my opinion :-) only - looking forward to reading the responses as comments


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