Please help ! Tech Support: Phone Conversations to Text

26th June 2016 looked to be just another Sunday when it began at around 6.15 am for me and my boys. Yes, my sons Arnav (10.5 yrs) and Adharv (5 yrs) were excited about the boys only road trip to Kottayam to be with their 'Achamma' (Dad's mom).

So we left Kakkanad around 7 am and both boys fell off to sleep. It was when we reached were on the Kallara - Neendoor road passing thru a usual birding spot of ours that I pulled up and woke Arnav up. 15 minutes later we had this #Birding effort on Ebird.

When we got back home later that evening, I overheard my son Arnav telling his Mom that he found me on phone for most part of the day when at Kottayam. It was then that I decided to look at some hard data an here's the result of a manual check via my phone records.

Total No. of calls made / attended on 26th June - 21
Minutes spend talking including ones above 3 min duration - 4 hours 48 minutes !

Ever since the formation of our new venture about a year back, the time i spent on calls (Mobile, Skype, Whatsapp, Landline combined) has definitely gone up.  I wished that I find some more time to write about the stuff we end up doing in support of IT SME's (Small and Medium enterprises) of Gods Own Country - Kerala. I end up talking about (yep, bragging too a bit hehe) about the stuff we have been doing to my friends as well as prospects every week - but have not been able to convert those talks into texts which have an infinite shelf i.e internet life.  The Eureka moment for me was when I realized that if there was a way to convert some of those conversations from the 'Audio' to 'Text',  I have the solution to my 'writing' problem !

Hence this post with a request to my readers about any Technology / Application they know which can help convert Telephone conversations into editable text.

A quick google search gave took me to the following links:


I'm hoping to find more from my friends / readers.  Boy, ain't I glad that I could make this post today !!

Shall post updates via social channels of mine when I figure out the best solution.

Looking forward to your comments.


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