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Monday, May 14, 2012

Linkedin V/s Facebook - Interesting battle to track...

Umm.. this is getting really interesting indeed.  Linked in does have the head-start on the hiring front but the popularity of Facebook and the need by specialist recruiters to reach out to passive talent pool may both help facebook in it's current form. The pace at which this shift will happen IMHO will be higher in the emerging economies (yep the BRICS will lead the way ofcourse) due to the sheer size of the market involved and also due the way folks here treat 'privacy'.
Here's one link to support this view

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Jemma Taylor said...

that's great article link thanks Facebook is the great and bigger network than LinkedIn, there will be a more engaging in Facebook. I don't know that any person will open LinkedIn daily but i can tell exactly tell that every one will open Facebook daily :P