Leadership, Culture, Tribes et al

Past 11 months has been a very enriching journey for me. Events which unfolded from Oct 2013 in my professional and personal life gave me a lot of #depth towards redefining #Leadership from a lot of view points. I can vouch that these 11 months has been the ones where I could uncover maximum lessons. Strangely enough this has also been the most tumultous / uncertain period in my professional life as well - which may seem like a paradox for someone who is not connected to what I do for a living. That's a topic for another blog I'm sure.

How can one feel to have learned the maximum during one's most uncertain / taxing time at work ? I did ask myself the same question and here are some answers I found.

1. I was lucky to have connected with few individuals / leaders who helped me unleash my potential in a very 'different' manner - I am not talking about the normal definition of leaders here.. What I mean is something being described in this TED talk by  Mr. Simon Sinek.
2. Both  my boys (aged 8 and 3 now) have become very inquisitive over the same period - finding answers to their questions took me to a deeper level of learning. I realised that to explain stuff about #acquisition, #transition, #Culture to kids of that age and attention span can be very humbling experience - a very natural way to get to depth in any area which you want to explain to them. And yes, it has to be very #simple - that's another challenge they presented with their #why's after why questions - adorning their naughty smiles....
3. My interest in Wildlife Photography which was kindled in a serendipitous manner a couple of years back by a good friend changed colours / shades and moved deeper into Birding and bird photography before it kind of stumbled upon #Bird-listing - that's where I am as I type this.
4. In the same way as one would end up seeing a recently found word in everything that one would read after you find that word - I ended up meeting person after person whose passion in the subject gave me different perspectives which helped sharpen my interest.
5. My almost 'at-will' access to the internet over #mobile devices helped me use my time better. Digital access to information like this one on Tribal Behaviour made me realise the hitherto unseen #connections between seemingly unconnected human interactions which formed or prevented #culture inside organisations and units of society.

So lessons are strewn all around is my realisation.. one needs to be open and ready to identify them and embrace them.
I'm excited to Follow this path - and enjoying the #journey itself....


Good definition of leaders, thanks to share

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