Lessons for Life via Brazil

It was during my BSchool days in Pune (1997-99) that I came to know about Richardo Semler via his book 'Maverick' and it was to his teachings that I would turn to whenever I was faced with an uncertain situation in the corporate world - the world into which I ventured gleefully from mid 1999.

Therefore, it was kind of natural that I bought his 2003 bestseller - The Seven day Weekend, around the time I took up my biggest ever role in Jan 2008 as Employee No. 1 of Arbitron India.

For those of you who missed catching up with Richardo's work - You can get this highly recommended book from this link.

Here are some videos from Richardo Semler -

Some of the stuff which I read became bases for the arguments I had (and won) while setting up workspace at Arbitron India's 45k Sq feet office - yes we had a hammock in our open garden. Some of the 'Freedom' concepts became building blocks of the unique Culture which we documented later in our life story with support from IIMK faculty. They helped us coin the term 'Responsible-Freedom' as the base element.

When we ventured out to support the IT Small and Medium firms in Kerala as 'Growth Catalysts' via www.ssconsult.in, I harboured this desire to take Weekend outside my week.  It's taken me over two years but I get this feeling that I'm closing in on that with what I've experienced over the past three months.

So here is a link to that author's talk about his book - The Seven Day Weekend.

Wishing you all a 'Happy Weekend' - yes, the seven day version. 


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