Profit from Open-sourced Information

Yesterday evening while driving back from Alappuzha district where I had gone to Umpire an all kerala T20 cricket tournament, I happened to listen to this talk.  Not sure what made me tune in to this particular talk from the list of suggestions which my mobile app had thrown up for me at that time. I guess the words 'Great' and 'Coach' may have made some influence.

Here is the talk which I'm referring to:

It's interesting to see the comparison that the speaker makes between the traditional pedagogical view (read - as followed by most academicians) and the view that professional sportspersons take when they are attempting to travel from 'Good to Great'.

What I liked about the whole thing is that there is no mention of any commercial connections like certifications while espousing the value of coaching.  To me the commercial interests have made very relevant concepts like coaching (discussed here) frowned upon by the very folks who are in need of it's depth. Certifications have evolved along commercial lines and the very often has occurred at the cost of depth.

I foresee a balance of  traditional as well as modern (read Internet) modes which we humans will employ in our pursuit of greatness. 

Knowledge snippets are available to the ones who seek them.  Formal sources will continue to play the role of influencers initially but depth will be attained via open sourced information as commercial interests will not be in a position to match the 'current-ness' of information obtained via crowd-sourced material which Open source depends on.

Will be interesting to see how this trend changes in 2018... 


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