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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Practical lesson in HR Policy Making

An update on linkedin ( led me to Sanjeev's blog post. Sanjeev is a Sr. (ex)colleague of mine. You can reach this post
Excerpts from his blog:
I relate this to a many HR policies in organizations that are focused on driving compliance but not commitment. Policies that are put in place to stop the 10% of issues from happening but 90% of others getting inconvenienced and demotivated.

I liked his narrative style and the way he connected the speedbreakers and Flyovers to the HR practice of Policy making.. although having been driving in Kerala for some time now, I may have to dispute to the percentages that he's used :-)

I had earlier read this post on Gautam's blog - and would like to point Sanjeev's case as a real life example of a Business Manager turned HR Leader :-)

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