How could anyone think that Linking a game to #Happiness was Impossible ?

Well not if you are an Indian and been around or connected to #India during the last 25-35 years.  Here's a tribute by Sambit Bal of ESPNCricInfo to the Sachin Tendulkar - who to me is Cricket and cricketer personified.

I feel that Sachin and his career is the best example for any young cricketer (and their parents and well wishers) in today's GenY crowd to emulate. The turf has changed a lot with multiple format and influx of sponsors and attention, the chances of followers taking the wrong path (about which they realise only when they reach a dead end) is highest now and in future.

From an HR perspective, it also confirms the value of connecting Talent and Attitude for success...


Judy Foster said…
I agree with your conversation because to select a person he need to have talent...

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