#TechHR15 musings

Following up on my Linkedin Post from Gurgaon just before #TechHR15, as promised, I am ready for an update after the two day event.  First and foremost a big applause to the entire People Matters team for curating one of the best Tech + HR conferences I've attended in India so far.

1. Although there is a feeling that Technology and HR cannot be separated, there exists lack of clarity about a clear approach within the HR community (for majority), that's required to traverse journey to digital journey.
2. The basics required for #DrivingonDigital, i.e the #Internet itself - is still at a  #elephantToBlindMen stage to majority of professionals across industry segments - hence generating Happiness from Internet by weaving solutions for HR problems that exists in co's looks to be beyond many teams. They say 'Seeing is believing' - so this site is worth checking out.
3. Following up point no. 2 above - the ease and speed at which SocialMedia is spreading Internet use is also not understood clearly- so ISP's are preventing VoIP and VoD possibilities by lobbying for protection by laws ! This is proving that social is the most powerful force which is driving digital - but that force itself seem to take most people by surprise.
4. A decade back if the saying went - Change is only thing that's constant - the current  equivalent can be 'Disruption is the only thing that's certain'
5. Corporations are usually caught napping and end up at receiving end of disruption - this disruption is most likely to be caused by a small firm or a very small group of people.
6. Self initiated Re-learning / unlearning  - has become the most needed skill for every professional (Not just HR) to be prepared for the eventual disruption.
7. There exists a tremendous opportunity for #HR function to lead the Co-creation of Culture that's can play catalyst for the Digital journey.

Let's see how these things take shape during the next 2-3 months....


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