What does it take to be a Manager?

So what does it take to be a successful manager in 'X' company / Role / Context?
The question which most HR team members keep mulling over as most of their Business leaders would surely be reaching out to them for answers to this question !
This week this question did come during some of my interaction as a retainer providing HR stuff to IT SME firms. I've been loving this role of mine for the past 8 months - The experience itself is topic for another blog :-)
Thankfully for me, there was no googling required this time. My online / Virtual network of Senior HR professionals have written about a connected topic this week itself.  The first post I chanced upon was by a former Colleague who lead the Psychometric Assessments thought process. Here is the www.linkedin.com post 
I had commented on this post as well. Later in the day, while catching up on by Blog subscriptions, another online pal whom I met IRL at this year's shrm Annual (shrm15) in Vegas has posed a similar question - Here is Kris Dunn's post from his blog - the HR Capitalist 

Quoting Kris's Solution below:
But the reality is we have a production problem.  We don't know how to produce managers of people.  With that in mind, if we wanted to fix the problem, I think the solution would look something like this:
1.  We'd find a diagnostic tool to help us measure those that have the capacity to manager others.  
2.  We'd let people know that tool was a big part of how we view those that have the capacity to manage.  We'd let anyone take the assessment and we'd freely share their results with them from a career development perspective.
3.  For those that were enough of a match, we'd offer manager of people training - before we have the need for them to be managers.  Just so they could get a taste.
4.  That curriculum would also obviously be mandatory for those in manager of people roles for the first time as well.

During my last stint with Corporate world - at Arbitron India, we had used HATS as the diagnostic tool after evaluating various other smaller stuff for over 18 months - So I would gladly recommend HATS as a tool to problem Kris and Paul has articulated really well. 

Another assessment which I'm personally connected is the Strengthfinder and it's recent update from #TMBCStandout.

I'm trying to get these two connected - (No prizes for guessing my two Core strengths on Standout assessment) ... Looking forward to that journey.


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