SHRM15 - It's Vegas !

My third SHRM Annual (yeah, a hatric) has been very very special from the word go.. things were looking pretty good moments after i registered (yeah.. good to plan early) around Feb this year when I received confirmation of myself being an official #shrm15Blogger.  What made it very special was also the fact that I happen to be the only blogger from India in the list of over 45 bloggers. Look at the full list here.

Then came news that there is a possibility of catching up in person with a person whose work I've been following from 2001 after reading a book he co-authored - let me call it FBATR.  Bye the way, a Lot of strange connections (about which I should blog later) were nudging me towards the Subject / Study of Performance management.

I'm writing this from the Bloggers Lounge where there's too much excitement preventing me to get any further.. Let me use this post to connect readers to the public Facebook Album which I've created.

I shall be uploading pics from my phone, DSLR (yes, carried my 100-400 as well, just in case I get some birding)

More reasons for excitement - well here's the big one. I'm going to be facilitating  at a concurrent session today at the Global Lounge of shrm15 - No prizes for guessing the subject - Global Trends in Performance Management - context being the HBR article co-authored by Marcus Buckingham this april.

So long..


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