Startup Success Metrics - the Human Link

My avtaar as an HCM and OE Consultant with SS Consulting (From Jan 2015) gave me the opportunity to get a 'From the Horse's Mouth' coverage of the Startup ecosystem as it exists in South India. I will get into specifics of my views on trends etc at another time... This post is to pay tribute to this (watch video)...

Thanks to the clarity of expression and use of data (however sketchy) I could relate to a lot of stuff I heard from first time entrepreneurs as they explain about their 'stories' to me. The stories they narrate help me to reconstruct the context with which they expect me to help them weave / repair people practices to support them.

How I wish I got this video about 6 months back :-)

TEAM - the second important determinant to success as per the data presented by Mr. Bill Gross.  After watching this video and connecting with it - I'm more confident to place my views to my present and probable clients about the need to establish a 'why' for the Team formation itself as they go about setting up the company (first time for many) - from the Idea stage to execution.

Excited about the journey ahead.


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