Why is 'WHY' so Important ?

Ever since I've began posting pics (mostly of birds) on facebook groups and other communities on social media, I've noticed that I keep getting a particular type or request to my facebook Inbox - I'm pasting a body of text below to have readers connect with the pattern:

Thanks for ...Please have a look on my wildlife photography page, if u pleased by my photography, then please like/comment /suggest to inspire my photography work Thanks…

So it's been about two years since I've been posting pics and I did oblige some of these requests for 'Likes' and that gave me opportunity to track some of these pages at will. 
I found that in majority of cases, the interest in photography reduced over time and so did the engagement ability. 
I have now started to ask a simple - why photography?- question to when such requests reach my inbox.  Yes, Simon Sinek's TED Talk (watch video) has been an influencing factor for my interest in 'why' question.

The responses that I got had a predominant - "Sorry, I don't understand you" - feel to written over those bits and bytes ! How I wish they had thought about it before they invested in DSLR's and Time.

So Photography IMHO is a powerful tool as Images (anything visual) has special powers (Read this Harvard article for exploring) for generating opinion on a mass scale. I'm hoping that the plethora of 'shoot-schools' aka photograhy workshops and training sessions focus some efforts on helping their students unleash this power of photography.  This would be possible on when the student's have clarity on their own 'WHY' for photography. 

Looking at my own story, it was pure need to network that got me to attend a Photography workshop early in 2012. The workshop was lead by Mr. Balan Madhavan who is himself an ILCP Fellow.
Luckily for me, he started with a depth approach which kind of simplified the power of visual medium and photography in particular and the easy at which this power can be tapped for Conservation. 

I see potential for Photo Equipment businesses to grow if they form communities out of such individuals and encourage members to explore the power of Images leading to Win-Win situations.

Sadly some people seems to have found their Why's and depth faster - so there's a lot of distance for conservationists to catch up...


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