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Upclose with Malcolm Gladwell Tipping point made me a Gladwell fan.. and Blink sort of confirmed it.. for starters, here a quick glimpse..
A surprise gift from Yahoo.. I'm a 'Power User' of Yahoo now.. ! Wonder what that means.. will update this post if I see some benefits.. ;-)
Our Trip to Panchgani... with picutres.. Excited about our return to Panchgani together after 2002, we set off from Pune on 3rd May 09 at about 9.30 am.. destination the Eco camp which was highly recommended as 'the' place to stay. As it turned out, it could'nt have been better.. ! How we got there... Panchgani is about 100 kms from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Ecocamp is about 15 kms ahead of Mahableshwar town and is about half a km ahead of Panchgani town. you will surely miss the small cemented path that leads to the campsite from the main road ! Watch out for this after you cross Hotel Ravine on the way to Panchgani/Mahableshwar. We drove down from Pune. A former colleague had helped arranged a local driver cum guide for us. The drive took us about 2.5 hrs. On the way we feasted on fresh figs, locally known as 'Anjir'. View of Pune Bangalore Highway.... first dekko of 'Ecocamp' run by Megan and Andre Our son was the first one to check the place out.. Vie