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Career, Cricket and India - an attempt to analyse via Mandira Bedi

Over the past 4 years Whatsapp groups have become a huge source of learning and connections for me. Today I happened to see a discussion about how Women's cricket should not be compared to Men's cricket on a whatsapp group - where I had also posted a comparison and felt the need to explore this further. As I did my search for third party articles, I realised that this moment has within it an opportunity to help understand or connect to Career and career paths for individuals with  any Talent.  For this purpose - I would define Talent as anything that the seekers of that talent derive value from. Now Mandira Bedi is an actor starting and Shanti  was her major break in 1995. Her career path is explained via this Your Story article . To bring in the connection to cricket - let me paste a portion of text from this article below: Her love for cricket took her straight to hosting the ICC World Cups in 2003 and 2007, proving to people that women could host cricket matches too, and