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Connecting for 70 years - and growing stronger...

June of 2018 had been a hectic month for me.  Let me attempt to list the things I got to touch in June to set the context for this post: My special times inside Kerala's  IT SME Life... journeys via contributions to SME entrepreneurs . I had two retainer clients, one each in Kochi and Kozhikode who kept me clued in to the SME's journey.  Nipah scare in Kerala made some of my past clients reach out for help - to ensure they managed this scare staying within the freedom + responsibility approach that we had got them to take.  Last month of my term as Volunteer Secretary of NIPM Kerala Chapter  - four programs to plan - Young Managers Contest, Corporate Citizen Award,  revamping Legal Update and Annual General Meeting Annual meetup of Citizen Science enthusiasts at Thrissur for deliberations on technology and crowd sourcing enabled Bird Monitoring in Kerala - will blog about this soon as this meeting made the early 40's brain in me to take up an online course in R -