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Why is Investment in Self rare?

How many of us can list out the activities that he/she has done during the past 7 days which can be listed under the category- Investment towards Self development? This investment can be easily measured in any unit of Time. I found that even full time students whom I get a chance to interact across my country (in person, online or IM's) miss this aspect. Mulling over the 'Why' behind this, I was glad I chanced upon a Linkedin post by a good friend and mentor or mine (who is @jgblr on twitter) which took me to this article by Ethan Dunwill on Pasting this for my readers. Ethan Dunwill is young entrepreneur from Hong Kong, his main goal in life is to inspire and motivate others, so  people can make themselves a little happier. Connect with Ethan at Facebook , Twitter , Google+ or visit his blog at Medium . Read more at Self-Development or person