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So why should you attend an offline #HR conference?

As some say, when life throws lemons at you, you end up learning to make and like lemonades! So just about a decade ago, in 2012, when serendipity offered me the opportunity to cover world's largest HR conference on my social media handles as an SHRM12 Blogger, I considered it as pure luck / coincidence. Later, a series of life events (I have blogged about some of them) made me to belive that we have the power, as humans, to design for serendipity .  Tough to believe? I shall explain...  So, after having attended about 4 HR conferences every year in the last decade, (Thats over 40 events!) I have seen that large congregations of committed humans with some 'common-interest' can create this amazing possibility for Win-Win results for the 'contributors' among the congregation / gathering. So, next month, when SHRM is giving me yet another chance to attend the SHRM22 live at New Orleans alongside the SHRM22Influencers , here is a humble attempt to dig into thos