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Leadership, Culture, Tribes et al

Past 11 months has been a very enriching journey for me. Events which unfolded from Oct 2013 in my professional and personal life gave me a lot of #depth towards redefining #Leadership from a lot of view points. I can vouch that these 11 months has been the ones where I could uncover maximum lessons. Strangely enough this has also been the most tumultous / uncertain period in my professional life as well - which may seem like a paradox for someone who is not connected to what I do for a living. That's a topic for another blog I'm sure. How can one feel to have learned the maximum during one's most uncertain / taxing time at work ? I did ask myself the same question and here are some answers I found. 1. I was lucky to have connected with few individuals / leaders who helped me unleash my potential in a very 'different' manner - I am not talking about the normal definition of leaders here.. What I mean is something being described in this TED talk by   Mr. Simon S

Second time at #SHRM Annual - #SHRM14

Thoroughly enjoyed my second opportunity to attend world's largest congregation of #HR folks - this time at Orlando, FL. Here's a link to the pic album I made on fb from  #shrm14 It was at #shrm12 in Atlanta that I had got hooked to #twitter and the opportunity which leaders had today to connect and update their knowledge. I also got to list a few birds in Orlando as well, a new area of interest which came upon thanks to #GBBC2014 courtesy #Birdcountindia