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Getting Deeper into Birding in Kerala

Crested Serpent Eagle - taking off. April 2012 Never thought I would get to thank #social-media for rekindling my interest in birding ! Checkout this public  Facebook Album  of mine to get the complete #picture :-) Yes, it's the third time this year that I went back to Periyar Tiger Reserve .. the interest was kind of re-initiated last year when I got to take part in a Wild-life photography workshop at the same venue with the renowned Balan Madhavan which was set around that years Full moon time in April. It all slowly fell into place when I looked back at those pics from April 2012 and found the following picture which I took of the Crested serpent Eagle.... Crested Serpent Eagle from Periyar Reservoir This was followed by two more trips this year .. and each time nature has presented me with special moments like this one Malabar Grey Hornbill with feed for female - March 2013 Each picture led me to go deeper into understanding about bird behaviour as explaine