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Pooja Cricket Tournament 2012 in pictures...and a Dream

Got a chance once again to Umpire at the Worlds Oldest Limited overs cricket tournament - which was first held in 1961 at Palace Oval in Tripunithura, a suburb of Ernakulam district in Kerala.  Here are some pics from this year's event. This first one is a view of the Pavilion which the Organizers (The Tripunithura Cricket Club or TCC as they are fondly known) had set up this year. The pavilion itself offers a very close view of the proceedings unfolding on the oval itself. Here's another one - this time from the proceedings itself: The oval is the proud owner of one of the oldest turf wickets in Kerala and Umpiring here has always been special event for me - here's some reasons why:  1. This was the venue where I had my first Official match as a Qualified Umpire - way back in 1996 - that was the inaugural match of that year's Pooja Cricket tournament 2. Special conditions / interpretations to Cricket laws which are applicable only to this venue - about which