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Now more than ever – My wish list for HR function ahead of SHRM21

Honored to be part of SHRM’s coveted list of HR influencers once again for SHRM21. This would have been my 7th time at an SHRM annual conference, and 4th consecutive one after 2017 (pandemic took 2020) as an international attendee. This year, as pandemic has put restrictions on international travel, I will be following and curating online experiences from SHRM21 along with my fellow HR influencers or SHRM 21 bloggers – make sure that you link up with each one of them to follow their unique perspectives. Today, as an introductory post, I would love to delve a tiny bit into the theme of SHRM21 and what it means to me. This year’s theme is ‘Now more than ever’. What are the thoughts that your unique synapses are live wiring to you when you read the theme? Do share as comments with #NMTE. So the following are the just some of the results that my neurons seems to want me to share with you all today. 1. HR is better poised to embrace science, Now more than ever To elucidate thi