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2000 tweets as of Today - that's just a start

Here is a link to my  2000th Tweet  :-).. Been on Twitter since 2005 but most of the tweets happened only in the last 12 months starting June 2012 at Atlanta when I was attending the SHRM Annual Conference there.. Chanced upon a link to two videos on #Choice by Dr. Sheena Iyengar today.. and that becomes the topic for the day for me.. Many thanks to #shrm12 for helping me realise the potential of @twitter I'm missing #shrm13 due to some personal situation - hope to follow it on #social media.

What's been going on with me?

Well, that's been a question which I'm trying to answer with this post :-) As I look at what I've been doing over the past 12 months, the kind of activities when listed will look confusing to many.. so let me not go forward listing it.  A different approach to seek an answer will be to look for common pattern / things among those activities ... well that was easy - the word 'Internet' is common.. Yes, Over the past 12 months my access to internet has increased manifold in comparison to the previous 12 months. Wait a minute, I should not miss adding another word as prefix to the common thing here...'Mobile' ... so come to think of it, it's actually 'Mobile Internet access' that has been the most common thing in the activities which I undertook the last 12 months.. Still not convinced ? Look at  to see what I mean... This combination of internet and mobility has brought about a new definition of 'Tim

Looking for Tips to use Social Media ? Here's some ...

First post for the year.. Been more active on FB, LN, and Twitter this year so kind of missed the blog !  Heard about Slideshare.. ? here's how to use it for.. well - Anything! make sure to check out this Twitter   Power tips  as well.... Enjoy surfing :-)