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Connecting Mobility to create Diverse Workplaces

This month I completed an enriching two decades as an HR professional. As I'm entering into my third decade as an HR Pro, it's an honour to be invited by the largest forum of HR professionals in the world  to play catalyst role using social media platforms once again (this being the 4th time!) for their 2019 Annual Conference and Exposition at Las Vegas, USA  - as an International attendee. Ever since 2012 when I accidentally reached the Bloggers Lounge, I've been blessed to find myself connected to an amazing group of people that SHRM curates with care - the SHRM Bloggers. You can find the 2019 list here . The inclusion meant that I could choose any one from the huge list of sponsors who collaborate with SHRM Events team to bring together the largest ever congregation of HR folks on the globe year on year in the US of A. So I set out to look for a theme which I could used to pick a name from the 2019 list.   I decided to use 'Connection' as the theme and zer