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Pooja Cricket Tournament 2012 in pictures...and a Dream

Got a chance once again to Umpire at the Worlds Oldest Limited overs cricket tournament - which was first held in 1961 at Palace Oval in Tripunithura, a suburb of Ernakulam district in Kerala.  Here are some pics from this year's event. This first one is a view of the Pavilion which the Organizers (The Tripunithura Cricket Club or TCC as they are fondly known) had set up this year. The pavilion itself offers a very close view of the proceedings unfolding on the oval itself. Here's another one - this time from the proceedings itself: The oval is the proud owner of one of the oldest turf wickets in Kerala and Umpiring here has always been special event for me - here's some reasons why:  1. This was the venue where I had my first Official match as a Qualified Umpire - way back in 1996 - that was the inaugural match of that year's Pooja Cricket tournament 2. Special conditions / interpretations to Cricket laws which are applicable only to this venue - about which

Why do I share / like to share stuff ?

While seeking an answer to this question - I came upon this article (thanks to my good friend Gautam Ghosh who send the link to this one on his tweets) by Luis Suarez - you can read it  here this clarity gives me one more reason to be more regular in updating this blog :-)

Some of my Tweets @ shrm12

Anish Aravind ‏ @ anisharavind ‪ # shrm12 ‬ ‪ # hrmetrics ‬ Metrics vs Analytics View photo 27 Jun Anish Aravind ‏ @ anisharavind ‪ # shrm ‬ @lanceirichards - Gen Y better watch out :-) for as they need to be managing Gen NeXt soon Expand 27 Jun Anish Aravind ‏ @ anisharavind

Captivating evening @ #shrm12 - Video

A Video attempting to capture the atmosphere @shrm12   Amazing needs to be re-defined I guess... I'm stunned... never before have I've seen so many people at any conference. Maybe I should have checked out some of the political rallies in which the Organizing party would claim that 'thousands'  attended.  Well I did get a chance to be one among the 1k plus International delegates at the #SHRM12 earlier today.  As a matter of fact, I did feel special with that applause which the 'thousands' gave the Global delegates at the Opening General session earlier today. Little did I know that I was getting a taste of things to come later in the day when at 7.50 am today morning the polite person at the Marriot (one of the many around this place) apologetically told me that the I'll have to wait till 4 pm to before I could move in to my room for which I had a reservation done thru Expedia about 3 weeks back while planning my trip to Atlanta from Kochi, Kerala -

Signed up for SHRM Bloggers Lounge at SHRM 2012

Yep.. starting off with a pic - a slide from the International Orientation which was the very first session I attended at my first ever SHRM conference.  Chanced upon the DiceLounge as I was moving out of the session... and, well to cut a long story short - I got myself signed on to report (Yes like a press guys do) the conference thru my blog...Feeling very excited about all this.. and really looking forward to it. Here's the launch report ... trust the following pic will help share some of my excitement with the readers :-) Looking forward to the next few days ... Here's another picture - this one explaining the cool concept of Meet-meme Cards.... mine is not ready as I missed registering.. but this will help bring this concept across.

Mr. Ramchandra Guha's take on Indian Premier League

I realized that I had not watched even a single match from this edition of IPL from start to finish!  Today I needed the newspaper to remind me that it's the Finals..and I remembered reading this piece from Hindu Opinion page a few days back.. Hindu Article by Mr. Guha I thought mine was a special case of 'IPL interest-waning Syndrome' :-). At this rate I'm sure that the 'It's not Cricket' voices will get louder. Hope better sense prevails and cricket (and only cricket) wins

Linkedin V/s Facebook - Interesting battle to track...

Umm.. this is getting really interesting indeed.  Linked in does have the head-start on the hiring front but the popularity of Facebook and the need by specialist recruiters to reach out to passive talent pool may both help facebook in it's current form. The pace at which this shift will happen IMHO will be higher in the emerging economies (yep the BRICS will lead the way ofcourse) due to the sheer size of the market involved and also due the way folks here treat 'privacy'. Here's one link to support this view

Glad to see Jim Collins's latest work

Started reading 'Great by Choice' - very glad to see another work from him. Liked the 10-exer concept very much. Another special thing for me is the way the authors researched 'Luck' factor in being 'great'. Having believed that 'Luck favors the trained mind' - it was good to see some data and analysis which confirmed that.