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Recruitment via Social networks

Here's what I found on A Social Networking Solution for Retail Recruiting’s ChallengesCommentary - By Mike Dwyer Take it from someone who once had to rely on weekly job fairs in strip malls to fill open positions at a fast-growing chain: There’s a better way to hire, thanks to the unlimited recruiting potential of social media’s holy trinity—Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Read the full article here -

Facebook Ties up with Nielson

Industry Leaders to Use Nielsen Products to Help Marketers Better Measure Online Advertising Impact and Realize Greater ROI - read the article on this link -

News of a Green Initiative from my neighbourhood

This news - took me back to memories of 'Nature Club' days :-) during graduation. I think it's a great initiative and have done my bit to help by signing up and also spreading the news to my contacts. Kuddos to all minds who bring in fresh & Greener thoughts !

A Practical lesson in HR Policy Making

An update on linkedin ( ) led me to Sanjeev's blog post. Sanjeev is a Sr. (ex)colleague of mine. You can reach this post Excerpts from his blog: I relate this to a many HR policies in organizations that are focused on driving compliance but not commitment. Policies that are put in place to stop the 10% of issues from happening but 90% of others getting inconvenienced and demotivated. I liked his narrative style and the way he connected the speedbreakers and Flyovers to the HR practice of Policy making.. although having been driving in Kerala for some time now, I may have to dispute to the percentages that he's used :-) I had earlier read this post on Gautam's blog - and would like to point Sanjeev's case as a real life example of a Business Manager turned HR Leader :-)

First Break all the rules - Audio book

I'm recovering from a bout of Viral fever which made me miss office yesterday.. boredom made me log on to search for audio books and i was happy to have found this link to Marcus Buckingham's First Break all the rules from Simon and schuster Audio. I feel audio books have not reached their true potential in our country. Maybe marketing guru's in our country will turn their thoughts in this direction :-)

GS - The Great American Bubble Machine

Matt Taibi of Rolling stones mag has this to say about Goldman sachs...

Audio book - Now Discover your strengths

A post from my online pal and Social media Guide - Gautam Ghosh ( ) on career planning for HRM students led me to some research (a.k.a - Google search) yesterday.. among the stuff which came up, I found this one very interesting and relevant to that discussion on XLRI's blog. Follow the link from the title of this post to listen to the audio book - Now discover your strengths.. I remember reading the physical version of the book some years back.. Highly recommended :-)

Leader or Manager ? who do you want to be?

Here's some excepts from what John Kotter wrote in his (1990) book - 'What leaders really do': Management is about coping with complexity and 'good management', according to Kotter - 'brings a degree of order and consistency to key dimensions like the quality and profitability of products'. Leadership, by contrast, is about coping with change; and major changes are more and more necessary to service and compete effectively in this new environment. More change always demands more leadership. Being a Mgmt grad, i found the following as explained by Kotter to be, well 'simpler' :-) Management - manages complexity by Planning and Budgeting Organizing and Staffing controlling and problem solving Produces predictability, order and consistency Leadership, on the other hand - leads change by setting a direction - (Vision being the key word here) Aligning people Motivating and inspiring Produces useful 'dramatic' change

HR Dreams - Paper by Dave Ulrich

I found this while Google-ing.. Excerpts - HR professionals at corporate have responsibility for HR philosophies that permeate the entire organization. They represent the firm to external stakeholders (regulators, investors, communities) and need to help establish a corporate brand or reputation. They also help senior executives select HR initiatives that will permeate the entire organization. They work with Boards to ensure effective governance and with senior executive leaders as coaches and team facilitators.

Kris Dunn feels Linkedin Profiles may be more accurate than resumes

Check out this interesting post from HR Capitalist... I tend to agree with most of what is said, although I should confess that I've not done any major linkedin searches for the hiring I've been doing on my present or past jobs... Maybe-2 or 3 yrs down the line, Hiring managers in India will have this step in their checklist :-)

Marcus Buckingham on Employee Engagement

I found these words in a fast company article - You can divide any working population into three categories: people who are engaged (loyal and productive), those who are not engaged (just putting in time), and those who are actively disengaged (unhappy and spreading their discontent). The U.S. working population is 26% engaged, 55% not engaged, and 19% actively disengaged. You can read the article here -

SHRM India ties up with MTHR

I got the f0llowing update from SHRM today: The SHRM India Learning Events continue to evolve with changes and innovations in the global marketplace. Attendees can expect an event filled with the latest trends and best practices connected with the theme and engaging sessions with experts in the field. We are happy to inform all of you about Pune’s largest HR Event – learn and network in person with 500+ participants from multiple locations, including prominent business, academic, research and HR thought leaders. Do let your friends and colleagues in Pune know so they can avail of this opportunity! SHRM India Knowledge Leadership Events Series across INDIA (with More Than HR Global) • Mumbai – Date: 30th May 2009 (attended by 500+ delegates)• Hyderabad – Date: 20th June 2009 (attended by 200+ delegates)• Pune – Date: 11th July 2009• Delhi – Date: 25th July 2009• Bengaluru – Date: 1st August 2009• Kolkata – Date: 8th August 2009 We are very proud to be presenting these Events in collabor

Join the 'Twitterrati' !

Gosh, twitter is happening.... for those of you who are new to twitter, follow the title link to browse thru articles from experts.. all of us got some catching up to do. Happy twittering...
Attention - Legal eagles... During my student days, the only way to catch up with legal i.e labour law stuff (case laws etc) was to rush to our Law college Library on Senapati Bapat Road campus. So, when I heard about this site which gave most of the updates on laws and also allows search, the first feeling was that of jealousy :-) Here is the link to site - . Yes, it's free .. .I gather that there are some pay sites too with decent subscription rates but those I'll leave for lawyers. I'll recommend this to all HR pros who occassionally would need to check out on 'those laws' ....
Jack Welch addresses SHRM Conference I've always admired Jack Welch... was fortunate to get closer to his thoughts and their impacts during my stint with GE Capial- Genpact. So i was glad to know that Jack Welch was taking part in the SHRM a link to some excerpts from the session which Workforce's Blog captured.. This let me to do a search on utube and got to see this video bit from the interview he gave..
Upclose with Malcolm Gladwell Tipping point made me a Gladwell fan.. and Blink sort of confirmed it.. for starters, here a quick glimpse..
A surprise gift from Yahoo.. I'm a 'Power User' of Yahoo now.. ! Wonder what that means.. will update this post if I see some benefits.. ;-)
Our Trip to Panchgani... with picutres.. Excited about our return to Panchgani together after 2002, we set off from Pune on 3rd May 09 at about 9.30 am.. destination the Eco camp which was highly recommended as 'the' place to stay. As it turned out, it could'nt have been better.. ! How we got there... Panchgani is about 100 kms from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Ecocamp is about 15 kms ahead of Mahableshwar town and is about half a km ahead of Panchgani town. you will surely miss the small cemented path that leads to the campsite from the main road ! Watch out for this after you cross Hotel Ravine on the way to Panchgani/Mahableshwar. We drove down from Pune. A former colleague had helped arranged a local driver cum guide for us. The drive took us about 2.5 hrs. On the way we feasted on fresh figs, locally known as 'Anjir'. View of Pune Bangalore Highway.... first dekko of 'Ecocamp' run by Megan and Andre Our son was the first one to check the place out.. Vie