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2015 - The year of Disruptions?

If I would ever look back at my life in search of a time which by itself catalysed the disruption to my own thinking and approach to life, it would be the year 2015 without an iota of doubt.  I've been thinking about writing a note about those for a while now - having raved about the impact this year's events have been creating on my life. so here goes... Yes, it started off with a disruption. The baby i helped nurture was no longer going to be around. The baby grew up and was adopted by another much bigger family where the it's core will become just one of the areas of strength to the new parent company. From a very decent monthly salary  - After starting off as Employee No. 1 for # ArbitronIndia's captive unit in Kochi from Jan 2008, I had not thought about venturing out on my own ever. Yes, not even in my retirement plans. So when the circumstances presented an opportunity to try out something on my own, it was the closeness to comfort (Ex-Colleagues and Boss) th

Bird Atlas Kerala Musings on Onam 2017

So this year we 'did not have' Onam. Yes, Keralites will quickly connect to meaning of this sentence.  Let me explain for the benefit of others. Whenever a Keralite family does not celebrate Onam - they mention that situation as 'not having' Onam.  The most common reason is when you loose a close family member and this particular Onam falls in the ensuing 12 month mourning period. So this year I ended up spending time to write stuff on Onam day and it resulted in this  Facebook post about a recent interest of mine. I realised that this post itself will be buried in my newsfeed on Facebook - going by the fact that I tend to post over 25 times in a day on this medium from the time we gave birth to our baby  - SS Consulting. So in an attempt to make the contents searchable, I'm converting the same into a blog post. On this  # Onam  day, I want to express my gratitude to my friends and related folks who via  Facebook  as well as in person, introduced me to the &#