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20 Years after Xth Standard !

Time just flew....cannot believe that it's been 20 yrs since I completed STD X at Marian Junior College (Old name for Marian Sr. Secondary School, Kalathipady, Kottayam). Excited about meeting my classmates and teachers at the 20th Anniversary Re-Union which is scheduled for tomorrow (26th Dec) at Kottayam, the land of 3 L's (Letters, Latex and Lakes). Social media was the backbone for Organizing this event, thoughts about which were initiated about 2 yrs ago :-) Facebook page, which was created to link (and search) the batchmates (V-Marians 1979-92) helped us reach out to over 65 batchmates - over 25 have confirmed to attend the first such event organized by any batch from our Alma mater. Looking forward to the D-day tomorrow.