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So why should you attend an offline #HR conference?

As some say, when life throws lemons at you, you end up learning to make and like lemonades! So just about a decade ago, in 2012, when serendipity offered me the opportunity to cover world's largest HR conference on my social media handles as an SHRM12 Blogger, I considered it as pure luck / coincidence. Later, a series of life events (I have blogged about some of them) made me to belive that we have the power, as humans, to design for serendipity .  Tough to believe? I shall explain...  So, after having attended about 4 HR conferences every year in the last decade, (Thats over 40 events!) I have seen that large congregations of committed humans with some 'common-interest' can create this amazing possibility for Win-Win results for the 'contributors' among the congregation / gathering. So, next month, when SHRM is giving me yet another chance to attend the SHRM22 live at New Orleans alongside the SHRM22Influencers , here is a humble attempt to dig into thos

Learning snippets from SHRM22 - Part 1

 Background: Earlier this year, in April to be precise, I got the exciting  news about me being selected to be part of SHRM22Influencer squad, set up by the social media team of Society for Human Resource Management ( SHRM or SHRRM as they say in the US).  I considered it to be a special honour to be the only person based in India to be part of this elite gang and was really excited about the opportunity to be back at an SHRM Annual conference for the 8th time.   The buildup Days flew past and I realised that it's a tougher ask to plan an international trip from India post pandemic. The trip was going to be very short as I had to keep clients waiting as I would be in a different time zone (over 10 hours behind at NoLa) for a week. It was also going to be expensive as domestic travel in US had become dearer due to a many reasons - both geopolitical and economical ones at that.  As the days flew past, I was in two minds about making the long (albeit much awaited) trip to US. The ne

Now more than ever – My wish list for HR function ahead of SHRM21

Honored to be part of SHRM’s coveted list of HR influencers once again for SHRM21. This would have been my 7th time at an SHRM annual conference, and 4th consecutive one after 2017 (pandemic took 2020) as an international attendee. This year, as pandemic has put restrictions on international travel, I will be following and curating online experiences from SHRM21 along with my fellow HR influencers or SHRM 21 bloggers – make sure that you link up with each one of them to follow their unique perspectives. Today, as an introductory post, I would love to delve a tiny bit into the theme of SHRM21 and what it means to me. This year’s theme is ‘Now more than ever’. What are the thoughts that your unique synapses are live wiring to you when you read the theme? Do share as comments with #NMTE. So the following are the just some of the results that my neurons seems to want me to share with you all today. 1. HR is better poised to embrace science, Now more than ever To elucidate thi

Connecting Mobility to create Diverse Workplaces

This month I completed an enriching two decades as an HR professional. As I'm entering into my third decade as an HR Pro, it's an honour to be invited by the largest forum of HR professionals in the world  to play catalyst role using social media platforms once again (this being the 4th time!) for their 2019 Annual Conference and Exposition at Las Vegas, USA  - as an International attendee. Ever since 2012 when I accidentally reached the Bloggers Lounge, I've been blessed to find myself connected to an amazing group of people that SHRM curates with care - the SHRM Bloggers. You can find the 2019 list here . The inclusion meant that I could choose any one from the huge list of sponsors who collaborate with SHRM Events team to bring together the largest ever congregation of HR folks on the globe year on year in the US of A. So I set out to look for a theme which I could used to pick a name from the 2019 list.   I decided to use 'Connection' as the theme and zer

Umpiring update, and some Cricket from Wayanad, Kerala

This was my first time as an Umpire at this picturesque venue so was looking forward to this from the time I go t the call from KCA. Yes, I missed watching the famous   #RanjiTrophy   #SemiFinal which happened here some months back....   Since it was Wayanad District and having done some   #SubCells   for   #BirdAtlasKerala , I did not have a second thought about driving down yesterday evening from Kochi. Driving down meant that I can stop at will   :-)   for anything that i want to do during the 250 odd kms that I need to cover to reach the accommodation that the Local DCA would have arranged for the match officials. I set off from Kakkanad after lunch with Vidya Anish and our boys - reached Wayanad Sulthan Battery by 10.30 pm. Had done two   #pitstops   (Tea and Dinner) on the way.   Since I drove alone - TED talks   #audio   was the main companion   :-)   - listened to a   #Playlist   on #Memory .   #U19 is the most watched segment in Cricket across the world as ICC - Inter

#SHRMTech19: Fostering an #HR - #HRTech Collaboration

It was in the year 2012 that the conference bug bit me... Yes, ever since then, I have invested (both time and money) to attend a minimum of 5 conferences a year.  These events helped me connect to the impact that advancements in Technology was creating to the evolution of Human Resource / People function's slowly but steadily. My memory is still fresh about an evening back in 1998-99 during a discussion about future of HR during my student days at Symbiosis . So to cut a long story short, the feeling I got from that discussion was that HR function as we saw it in 1997-98 will vanish as a function - the villain forecasted was a piece of technology which was then known as HRIS or Human Resource Information systems.  That prediction turned out to be completely off the mark. Infact, the first offer I was considering after a 3 year stint on my first job (starting with Industrial relations at Century Rayon, a then BK Birla group co), was that of a oracle HRMS consultant with Saty

Catalyst for HR Talent in Kerala -

--> Five years into my first ever entrepreneurial venture ( ) has given me a lot of opportunities to ponder over the state of HR profession in my country. For those wondering how someone based out of a small corner of the diverse country that India is, can claim this – read on to know more about me via my LinkedIn profile.  Since Jan 2015, I've been to have been called upon by IT SME / Techie CXO's across Kerala, starting with Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram to Cyberpark(s) (UL and Govt.) and most recently the Malabar Innovation Zone, which my Co-founder almost silently set up last year.  It was serendipity that got me connected to the HR profession back in 1996-97.   However, I had not imagined then that life and career events will help me refine those serendipitous moments into what looks to be closing in on a purpose journey.   From 2008, I was responsible for building and scaling HR teams and this meant that I will need to be taking d