Umpiring update, and some Cricket from Wayanad, Kerala

This was my first time as an Umpire at this picturesque venue so was looking forward to this from the time I got the call from KCA. Yes, I missed watching the famous #RanjiTrophy #SemiFinalwhich happened here some months back.... 

Since it was Wayanad District and having done some #SubCells for #BirdAtlasKerala, I did not have a second thought about driving down yesterday evening from Kochi. Driving down meant that I can stop at will  for anything that i want to do during the 250 odd kms that I need to cover to reach the accommodation that the Local DCA would have arranged for the match officials. I set off from Kakkanad after lunch with Vidya Anish and our boys - reached Wayanad Sulthan Battery by 10.30 pm. Had done two #pitstops (Tea and Dinner) on the way. 

Since I drove alone - TED talks #audio was the main companion  - listened to a #Playlist on#Memory. 

#U19 is the most watched segment in Cricket across the world as ICC - International Cricket Council organises the World level tournaments from this age category. In Kerala (as with most Indian states) the District level is the first competitive segment for which all age categories will start playing cricket. The District Cricket Association will organise Selection trials to select the District team. In Kerala, the 14 districts are divided into 3 zones - South (Tvm, Kollam, Allappuzha, Kottayam & Pathanamthitta), Central (Ekm, Thrissur, Palakkad, Idukki) and North (Wayanad, Kozhikode, Malappuram, Kannur, Kasargod). The KCA organises inter district matches - in each zone. So the Zonal team will include selected players who performed well in the district level matches. The Inter zonal matches this year are played in One day (50 over) format with each zone playing the other zone twice. 

Players who perform well at the Zone level will get into the Kerala State team. The KCA has been conducting these tournaments ahead of the season - so that the State team will get more chances to play before they meet the other teams (TN, Karnataka, Andhra etc) from India's South Zone. 

This would give a sense of the level of competition and seriousness involved in finalising the#MenInBlue - for such a diverse and densely populated country that #India is. 

Wish more #parents connect to the possibilities of all round development (Talk about #Life Skills) that#TeamGames like cricket can provide to their children who take part in such games. 

I would recommend the game of cricket for noble causes like the #BetiBachao kind of approaches - as team games help the Women become better connected and respected as they traverse through the challenges that the game throws at them. 

My thoughts on todays match - felt that North Zone could have batted much better today. South bowled well but there were many North batsmen who I felt had thrown away their wicket - the pitch at Wayanad played true and was a good one to play (both bat, bowl and field) cricket. 

Looking forward to the next match tomorrow morning.
 — in Krishnagiri Stadium.


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