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Expand your world with #shrm18Selfie

So I've landed in Chicago for SHRM18 after a 24 hour journey (over 21 hours in the air) from my home in Kochi, India. I'm very excited about the theme that  has chosen for #shrm18 - 'Expand your world' - here are my reasons: From the first time I attended this conference back in 2012, SHRM has helped me expand my world via HR pals, connections with whom they have catalysed via special events organised at the annual conference and exposition - the international delegates get really pampered at any SHRM annual.  Apart from being an international attendee, I have been lucky to be part of SHRM's blogging squad as well - this platform which gives me a 'behind the stumps' (Cricket Umpire lingo) connection opportunity to some of the best content creators at a global scale - t hey are  - don't miss connecting with them as they help you traverse this year's conference via social media updates.  This excitement of being able to expand my worl

So, What's on offer at SHRM18 Exposition?

I had missed SHRM16 but had not missed blogging about why I thought large conclaves like the ones organised by  are great social selling opportunities after reading about the power of social selling later that year. SHRM18 too has a carefully curated list of service providers who will be showcasing their wares at the Exposition which will be open from 4 pm on 17th June - immediately following the opening general session which will be featuring Johnny C Taylor, Jr. the new CEO of SHRM and Jeb Bush. The would be over 600 exhibitors and I have realised, with each of my 4 previous conferences that there will be exciting stuff which will keep attendees glued to most exhibits.  Here are some tips that I found useful as one attempts to traverse this maze looking thingy that we can call the exhibition floor! 1.  Identify at least 25 Exhibitors based on your current role or your companies immediate needs by speaking to your colleagues about your the opportunity that you are

My fifth SHRM Annual - #SHRM18

So people keep asking me this question - why am I geeked about #shrm18? Here's what on top of my mid now as I'm preparing for my fifth time at an SHRM Annual . SHRM12 opened out the world of possibilities to me when I managed to combine it with my annual visit to connect to work related matters with Arbitron (now Nielsen Audio) - I had blogged about it then - here is the first post  written excitedly as I got to be part of SHRM bloggers for the first time! Here are the other posts from that year - looks pretty silly now I confess.  A list of tweets  An attempt to capture the essence of shrm annual on video  3. SHRM has been my mentor on #socialmedia trends - I had blogged about some lessons after my second edition. This was the time when I could find my way around better and could connect to more learning stuff - this was at Orlando.  4. The need to reconnect to social media got me back for my third shrm conference - this time at Las Vegas where I got to be part

You do HR Consulting - in Kerala?

Yep, this is one question I love to hear these days - especially when it is from someone based in my home state Kerala. Some context : So I got back to my home state in Dec 2007 to become first employee of a US Media measurement major (Now part of Nielsen Audio) who was then setting up it's Captive Technology centre in India, yes a GIC as per NASSCOM. Post a global acquisition by the Market research biggie - I set out to form a Boutique Consulting gig  with a purpose of catalysing the growth of the IT SME ecosystem in the state, combining with ex-boss - a Rocket-scientist turned Programmer turned CEO who I would need more than a blog to introduce. I have to confess that it was a bit tough for me to answer them initially. To give my readers a context, here are the assumptions that people keep while asking this questions: HR consulting means 'recruitment' - that too 'sourcing' resumes - worst still - the keyword searching variety. After I shake my head with

Work itself as Motivation - Long way ahead?

June 2018 also means that I'm going to be stepping into my 20th year as a Human Resource a.k.a. #HR management professional.  I remember being very excited when I got to hear for the first time via our Organisational Behaviour class that Work itself is a classification of motivators. Looking back on my first five years of Corporate life - I cannot remember many role descriptions from recruiters including the ones I made for my first employer (a Rayon yarn manufacturing plant) which exemplified 'work itself'.  It's towards early part of 2010 that such descriptions were slowly found - albeit rare.  Come to think of it most other forms of motivations propounded by theories, have now being questioned - the famous among them being Maslow's  Hierarchy of needs  theory.  Why did it take over sixty years to question any theory is a valid question I have.  Maybe this podcast about Why Bschools should be bull dozed - by the Guardian provides some answers ?  https://www.