You do HR Consulting - in Kerala?

Yep, this is one question I love to hear these days - especially when it is from someone based in my home state Kerala.
Some context: So I got back to my home state in Dec 2007 to become first employee of a US Media measurement major (Now part of Nielsen Audio) who was then setting up it's Captive Technology centre in India, yes a GIC as per NASSCOM. Post a global acquisition by the Market research biggie - I set out to form a Boutique Consulting gig with a purpose of catalysing the growth of the IT SME ecosystem in the state, combining with ex-boss - a Rocket-scientist turned Programmer turned CEO who I would need more than a blog to introduce.
I have to confess that it was a bit tough for me to answer them initially. To give my readers a context, here are the assumptions that people keep while asking this questions:

  1. HR consulting means 'recruitment' - that too 'sourcing' resumes - worst still - the keyword searching variety.
  2. After I shake my head with a (by now) naughty smile to show NO to recruiting, the next assertion would be - Ah, So you are a trainer? - again the type that can train 'anything' - as some visiting cards and websites would proclaim. 
  3. At this stage - about half would loose interest and would move to another line of conversation
  4. Some of those who persist out of curiosity will get to hear my refined answer. I take every opportunity that I get to refine this so I continue to add to my learning as I traverse this journey.

I had blogged about some disruptions which happened to my life in the year 2015 some time back.

So here is the 2017-18 version of my answer. I've attempted to simplify this but would love to hear from you all so that it can be refined further.

My partner and I act as doctors to whom companies get referred to. Yes, we love getting referred - will write another post about the advantages.
So typical of doctors, we are approached by IT SME companies who have heard about things #ArbitronIndia did around People, Technology and Culture between 2008 and 2014. These companies would usually be the ones who have found themselves stuck in various stages of growth and unable to find out reasons or a way forward.  We also get interesting request for us to 'come and spend some time' as well at times.
Anyway, one of us then gets into a diagnostic meeting(s) via in discussions / calls with key stakeholders (co-founders mostly) of the business.
After the first year, we had sat down and made a deck of stuff we did in 2015. This kind of gives an indication - but we have moved ahead from this phase. Some of the members from our team have also moved ahead for various reasons.

Coming back to HR consulting that I get to do, here are the games I get to play:

  1.  HCM or People Function Audit: Review / Audit existing Organisation starting from it's business practices and provide recommendations or remedial measures around design, structure, Talent and as well as Employer Brand positioning. 
  2. Connect Business leaders to approaches based on behavioural sciences, Evolutionary Biology and other science based methodologies to generate business results from their people. 
  3. Partner with existing or instituted (by us) People operations teams as they facilitate the business needs - by helping them place relevant but coarse metrics to track results. 
  4. Enable using #HRTech: Last but not the least - evaluate and explore use of Technology to enable business results for the organisation. 
Would love to engage / answer queries from entrepreneurs from any part of the world. The concepts that we employ are replicable and can be customised to any business which is desirous of getting results from people.  I can be reached on the following social channels:



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