Expand your world with #shrm18Selfie

So I've landed in Chicago for SHRM18 after a 24 hour journey (over 21 hours in the air) from my home in Kochi, India. I'm very excited about the theme that www.shrm.org has chosen for #shrm18 - 'Expand your world' - here are my reasons:

  1. From the first time I attended this conference back in 2012, SHRM has helped me expand my world via HR pals, connections with whom they have catalysed via special events organised at the annual conference and exposition - the international delegates get really pampered at any SHRM annual. 
  2. Apart from being an international attendee, I have been lucky to be part of SHRM's blogging squad as well - this platform which gives me a 'behind the stumps' (Cricket Umpire lingo) connection opportunity to some of the best content creators at a global scale - they are - don't miss connecting with them as they help you traverse this year's conference via social media updates. 
  3. This excitement of being able to expand my world - while working in a remote corner of India - albeit the 'Gods own country' - Kerala had got my imagination flowing to such a level last year that I ended up introducing the #tag #shrm17Selfie last year with this blog post http://anisharavind.blogspot.com/2017/06/allin-at-shrm17-and-introducing.html
I realised after taking over 50 selfies last year that this ability to visually capture moments of 'connection' for posterity can have a longer lasting impact on my objective of 'expanding my world'. Which brings me to place another challenge to every attendee of SHRM18 - this time as I'd love to learn more about another platform deeper, this challenge shall be connected to that platform - and it is Instagram. Instagram is chosen as a picture / video (visual stuff) is a must for a posting to this platform. 

I'm teeing this off by first challenging all the shrm18blogger pals to post visuals of special moments they create with their connections (old and new) at SHRM18 on Instagram with the hashtag #SHRM18Selfie. 

Let's get attendees to explore unique ways towards theirs #ExpandYourworld goals at #SHRM18. 


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