My fifth SHRM Annual - #SHRM18

So people keep asking me this question - why am I geeked about #shrm18?

Here's what on top of my mid now as I'm preparing for my fifth time at an SHRM Annual.
  1. SHRM12 opened out the world of possibilities to me when I managed to combine it with my annual visit to connect to work related matters with Arbitron (now Nielsen Audio) - I had blogged about it then - here is the first post written excitedly as I got to be part of SHRM bloggers for the first time!
  2. Here are the other posts from that year - looks pretty silly now I confess. 
3. SHRM has been my mentor on #socialmedia trends - I had blogged about some lessons after my second edition. This was the time when I could find my way around better and could connect to more learning stuff - this was at Orlando. 
4. The need to reconnect to social media got me back for my third shrm conference - this time at Las Vegas where I got to be part of SHRM bloggers once again. 
5.  My participation kept me connected to this special gathering of passionate HR folks curated by @shrmsocial - for some strange reason, my name and twitter handle was featured first in this list
6. I realised that there more to social media than just marketing and discovered twitter secrets and kept connecting to special pals and interest - all nurtured via SHRM. The opportunities continued when I got back to India as well - with SHRM India as well as People Matters two amazing curators of knowledge for the HR fraternity inviting me for supporting their efforts. 
7. My fourth time was at NoLA where I created some buzz for #shrm17 via a #tag i curated in an attempt to connect attendees in person for posterity with a picture and called it #shrm17Selfie. I also realised that each of the passionate bloggers are growing in depth and creating unique approaches on their own globally and my connection meant that I get to be part of all those knowledge networks. I'll just name #HRTribe as that's top of my mind now. 

So those are just 7 reasons that I am geeked about attending another SHRM Annual conference - an investment I'm making to create and nurture connections with able catalysts in the HR fraternity who are driven by purpose - a better HR. 

Last but not the least - did you notice that 2018 SHRM Annual is about 'Expanding your world'? I'm sure that role of connections would surely ring a bell to anyone following that road.  

Special thanks to SHRM India for this unique way to encourage my social media learning journey by showing that its possible for a normal HR professional from a remote corner of India to be worthy of finding a place among top 30 HR folks on social media.

Three other members of SHRM India's social media squad are joining me this year at Chicago.
Oh Yes - really excited to be part of SHRM's blogger squad once again.


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