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3 Reasons why SHRM16 is a Social Selling Opportunity

I had chanced upon this interesting article on social Selling a few days back and as is possible in a browse-only mode while working from home, this led me to some more material and links (videos too) on that Social Selling before I got myself back to the topic I've been thinking about this month - The SHRM Annual Conference of 2016 or the #Shrm16.  It then struck me that Exhibitors are looking a Social Selling possibilities at SHRM16. So here's why I feel HR Product / Service vendors can stand to benefit thru Social Selling if they are 'present' at the Exposition. My first look at this gigantic conference which gets over 15k HCM / HR folks (Practicing, Consulting, Teaching, Vending to name just a few) under one roof which goes across the United States year to year  was in Atlanta, GA back in 2012. I've been to Atlanta, Orlando and Vegas with SHRM Annual so far - the last one being self-sponsored. I had a 'deer-in-headlights' feel written all over my fa