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3 Reasons to be Excited about #SHRMI16

#SHRM12 at Atlanta was my first Dekho to any SHRM Conference - and Mind boggling is not the word. I had blogged about it some time back. I had come to respect SHRM think-tank and it's commitment to HR Content since then. So I'm really on top of the world when I get another opportunity to be part of a select list of Social media evangelists to support this years Annual conference next week - coming as it does amidst a very demanding time for me and our baby venture SS Consulting . So here are three reasons why I'm excited about #SHRMI16: 1. The content itself is exemplary. SHRM's research team has always been proactive on content.  Remember that this team brought the concept of 'Third-Gender' to limelight last year - many firms across our country are still in the dark about legal stuff around SC Judgements on this matter. Take a look at this year's agenda on this link - 2. The Theme itself ! I always wonder h