#SHRMTech19: Fostering an #HR - #HRTech Collaboration

It was in the year 2012 that the conference bug bit me... Yes, ever since then, I have invested (both time and money) to attend a minimum of 5 conferences a year.  These events helped me connect to the impact that advancements in Technology was creating to the evolution of Human Resource / People function's slowly but steadily.

My memory is still fresh about an evening back in 1998-99 during a discussion about future of HR during my student days at Symbiosis. So to cut a long story short, the feeling I got from that discussion was that HR function as we saw it in 1997-98 will vanish as a function - the villain forecasted was a piece of technology which was then known as HRIS or Human Resource Information systems.  That prediction turned out to be completely off the mark. Infact, the first offer I was considering after a 3 year stint on my first job (starting with Industrial relations at Century Rayon, a then BK Birla group co), was that of a oracle HRMS consultant with Satyam.  The shortlisting would surely be due to the exposure I gained while designing some HR modules for a system which my employer got me to do along with a Oracle Developer. The company wanted to save cost then by developing it's own HRMS as after it saw the pitch by Oracle team.

Yes, technology is here to stay and it likely to be ahead of most #WorkLife aspects. Hence the need for Leaders to design platforms where the stakeholders can get together to deliberate, brainstorm and connect to the possibilities. Conferences are ideal platforms for the above objective.

So fast forward to 2019, I'm just a few hours away from attending one of India's largest #HRTech conferences - curated passionately by the SHRM India team. This blog post of mine from last year will help charter the connections I have had with SHRM.  This one has all the makings to become the biggest ever. The Forbes has already made some announcements around this.

I've been invited (once again) and will get an umpire's view (cricketing lingo) to this event - check out the schedule here.  So wanna know what I am looking forward to?

I'm keen to follow the conversations around the central themes being discussed in this conference which are as follows:
1. Future of Work
2. Talent Management
3. HR Technology

I'm particularly keen to track conversations around a sub-topic #WomenInTech - via a Panel Discussion titled 'Successful women in Technology' - scheduled for 4 pm on day two of #shrmtech19.

Looking forward to the results of HR Hackathon as well.

See you at #shrmtech19...


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