Captivating evening @ #shrm12 - Video


Amazing needs to be re-defined I guess... I'm stunned... never before have I've seen so many people at any conference. Maybe I should have checked out some of the political rallies in which the Organizing party would claim that 'thousands'  attended.  Well I did get a chance to be one among the 1k plus International delegates at the #SHRM12 earlier today.  As a matter of fact, I did feel special with that applause which the 'thousands' gave the Global delegates at the Opening General session earlier today.

Little did I know that I was getting a taste of things to come later in the day when at 7.50 am today morning the polite person at the Marriot (one of the many around this place) apologetically told me that the I'll have to wait till 4 pm to before I could move in to my room for which I had a reservation done thru Expedia about 3 weeks back while planning my trip to Atlanta from Kochi, Kerala - more than half the way across the world.  I was forced to think, as the folks from my place will lament, that 'some doctors's conference' as the culprit.
The video (not in HQ as I left had to leave most of my equipment at the Hotel desk itself) - above proved beyond any doubt - the reason for my predicament.
Yes - over 13,000 HR delegates are attending #shrm12 and this includes over 1000 Global delegates.

Some serious learning for me from today are:
This session
1. Gender diversity - 30% is the magic figure to target (this session)
2. Social Media - the best is not yet here.. Watch out for more..

My tweets and fb updates will give a more live version of this conference as its getting tougher to 'multi-task' as I found out today.  Armed with the 'Press' tag with the Bloggers lounge connection - I did go around snooping a slight bit and here are the phrases I got

1. Amazing - there are thirteen thousand people over here..
2. You'll have to see it to believe this (updating some one over the phone)
3. How are you feeling !
4. Oh my God....

I got to meet and exchange greetings  and mail id's with over 3 Global delegates- 2 from RSA and one from Japan the other two from India (Mumbai and Assam) not to mention the energetic folks I met up at the Bloggers lounge :-)

This happens to be the first time in my life that I've made two posts in a day - that (to me) is something to watch out for ... I realized that I should find more time to get exercise those fingers of mine by posting my thoughts - sharing it and finding happiness. So let me sign off for today - dedicating this one to #SHRM12


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