First Live chat :-) #IndiaHRLive

Nisha Raghavan (here's her coordinates on www),  invited me to share the approach our company  had taken to #Install (yep software lingo everywhere) #Flexibility as a core enabler of business results while we the formative team went about the tasks of setting up the India subsidiary of a US based media measurement company in Kochi, Kerala, India starting off in January of 2008.
Nisha's profile is another interesting thing to follow for any young and GenY minded (intentional use) HR professional.  I found out from our interactions and some googling (yep she's left a nice trail) that she's a fellow HR professional from Gods own country (how could I miss that rt?) who is presently carving her own niche in the tapping social media for spreading Human resources knowledge based in the US of A. She's written a nice context for this group in detail here

I would assume (that was kind of easy actually) that her interest can be traced to the recent SHRM India award for which my company won as an ongoing result for that approach. One of the interesting things about any practice within any society (yep, company or any group of people) is that the 'special' or 'novel' nature of that practice to the internal stakeholders diminishes within 3-6 months (can be shorter) of its successful implementation :-). But the same practice will continue to be of interest to external stakeholders / learners / practitioners.

Here's a link to the youtube recording of the 40 min interaction I had with Nisha.

Kudos to Nisha and the #GenY HR professionals efforts to catalyse the use of social media to impart learning and also showcase Talent to Global audience.

Interested folks can follow this energetic group of HR professionals on the following channels:

1. facebook group
2. Nisha's twitter handle
3. Internet coordinates


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