A Big Day for @PeopleMatters2

HR Folks in India - it's high time you bookmark The People Matters site. Here are just some reasons why I recommend this as a Must do for any HR person who wants to keep Learning and keep making an difference to things that they attempt to impact as a Catalyst ...aka - Change Catalyst?
2. Come August this year and watch out for #TechHR15  to catch up on what Top HR professional have curated to evolve under the Theme 'Driving on Digital' - I happen to bump into an investor of @PeopleMatters2 at #shrm12 when shrm was attempting frantically to connect HR folks to Technology and to better realize the power that lay dormant in this area. I've been following the energetic team from then on and vouch for their interest in this domain.

3. I see them attempting a lot of Connections - to me connections is all that matters when someone is trying to bring in change .. connections adds to diversity of thoughts which in the end leads to that pathbreaking result.

Yours truly is specially proud to have had the opportunity to connect them with NIPM Kerala Chapter some time back and I see a lot of possibilities for that connection as well.

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