2 Reasons why I'm excited about SHRMiAC18

Here I am, blogging from an Uber rushing towards the venue of one of India's largest gatherings of Human resource (#HR) professionals, Vendors and newsmakers.  Yes, I had read what Keith Hammond had written about Why he hates HR some years back and from then on, I had been thinking about creating my own ways for getting stuff out of conferences like these. The roles I get to play in the function I chose back in 1997 had been giving me the opportunity (with some special access rights) to large gatherings of HR folks from 2012 onwards. For those interested in numbers, I have been attending upto 5 such events every year from 2012 - yes, every year.

With that as a context, let me delve into stuff that's making me excited about my 4th such conference in 2018, the Annual gathering curated by SHRM's India entity - the first version of which I had attended in Goa back in 2013.
1. The SHRM Social media Squad has been my special Learning network from 2012 Atlanta conference, my first time at a Global but US National conference as an international attendee. That lucky connection has led to the many invites which followed from SHRM, like this one from SHRM India - to be part of #shrmiac's Bloggers Squad.

2. I have always enjoyed listening to thoughts and conferences give me a unique platform (albeit curated / designed) to catch up on many thoughts shared by speakers as well as fellow attendees. This year, I'm excited at the possibility of listening to Mr. Sonam Wangchuk who I first heard about after I watched the movie Three Idiots, as the real life Mr. Wangdoo.  I will not have enough words to describe what I love about that movie - but here is a scene from that movie, posting this in the hope that visuals will help my readers connect to my excitement.


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