#AllIn at #SHRM17 and Introducing #SHRM17Selfie

#SHRM17 would be my fourth time at a SHRM National conference and my third time as part of the socialmedia squad - a chance to be amongst some really exciting action oriented human capital management folks with whom I had first met up in Orlando (2012). Those times still remain as a 'Deer-in-headlights' moments for me.

If you are from India and are planning to attend #SHRM17 - feel free to reach out to me for an inside view over DM's / comments / email. I'll be glad to share notes about why this conference is a 'must to be ticked off item HR Pro's bucket. Hope to see some of you at the special reception that SHRM organises to honour over 1k international delegates who attend this conference every year.

My #SHRM17Blogger pals have all been in the thick of action over that past 2 months. The HCM retainer projects from my venture made me miss most of the action on Twitter / Blog this time - so I'm really looking forward to making it up with the forth opportunity to meet IRL with an SHRM national conference.

I want so share a definition of IRL which I connect with. Let me point out to this wonderful post by my good friend Steve Browne to know more.

Taking Steve's ideas a step further, I want to propose an action plan towards making IRL moments at #SHRM17 captured for posterity.
We got #SHRMI15 trending...

Selfie with SHRM India CEO Ms. Achal Khanna

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These are some selfie moments which I got to capture from SHRM India events over the past few years. Most feature some of the prolific HR folks who breathe social with their life and work.

Get the message? Well for the uninitiated, here are the suggestions:

1. Attempt to meet as many delegates as you can while you are at #SHRM17 - I know that Steve Browne is going to be leading this effort from the front.
2. Capture those moment(s) with your smartphone and spice it up to make it a #Selfie moment.
3. Share those #selfie's via social media channels using the #tag #SHRM17Selfie.
4. Please don't forget to tag the new found friend(s) of yours who just a moment back would have been just a delegate among the 15k attendees for you.

IRL is all about making connections and let's attempt to make selfie as a catalyst for connecting #SHRM17 attendees.

Excitedly looking forward to my first selfie moment. Who wants to be the lucky one tagged?

Signing off with this link which I recommend to any first time attendee - a blog post by my friend Dave Ryan.


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