Honoured to be #Tweeting at the 18th Edition of #LegalUpdate by NIPM Kerala Chapter

I have been associated with NIPM Kerala Chapter from early 2008 - about a few months after I took up the role as first employee in India (Yeah, prouder to be an HR guy) for Arbitron Inc's (now Nielsen Audio and part of Nielsen, the Leading Market Research company. The current Chairman of the chapter Mr. Thomas Kadavan was one of the Seniors who had invited me to the think-tank then and I've thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity.  The activities which I got exposed at the chapter which was being ranked consistently among the top chapters of the National body of HR professionals was beyond the realm of stuff which I could have explored in my full time day job. Yes, that meant that I had to 'find time' / volunteer my time (post office hours and mostly wknds when it's not my personal day off / PDO's from work.

So what made me keep up this interest ? Looking back, I feel the opportunity this gave to remain connected with Labour Laws and it's ramifications from practicing professionals from Manufacturing sector whom I missed interacting from the time I moved to ITES / IT sector by choice was a key reason. I had really enjoyed going one up on my professors at Symbiosis Pune during my student days for the Masters Degree which I gained in Labour Laws (MLL & LW) - Pune University.

I feel that #MakeInIndia and the focus which Manufacturing industry would get out of the resultant policies will bring back the need to be connected in depth to Labour laws. I'd call upon my #HR colleagues from Services and IT industry to keep up on this need as IMHO, the segregation that exists within industry segments will be a thing of the past pretty soon. An example / confirmation to this - do check out a Linkedin Post by a Top 5 IT firm from our country - Job Post. 
This company happened to be in the news for a stuff which were clearly avoidable - look at this news article as an example.

All this highlights the importance of understanding the Local laws. I'm hoping that NIPM on a national level come up with some Certification programs for HR professionals on Labour laws.  Till then, my effort will be to create digital foot prints for the work which our chapter has been doing for the past 50 plus years (yes over half a century) from Kochi Kerala.. do follow the hashtag #NIPMKCLegal15 and #LegalUpdate2015


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