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June 2012 was my first look at the SHRM National conferene. I've been very lucky to have the schedule coincide (with a lil bit of effort ofcourse) with the re-initiation of sorts of my annual trip to my then employer parent company. I had blogged about that  experience at #shrm12 from Atlanta here...

I missed attending #shrm13 as my Dad was not keeping well that May-June and that made me miss my annual trip to US of A as well. The next year, I was lucky again as I got another need to be in US, inside a tumultuous time for myself and the company. I thought I was lucky as I did not have to take up steps explained in this article :-) seeking permission... Wonder if I'd ever get myself to do such a thing at work for any particular conference.

So come #shrm15 and I'm in a very different situation - I'm now part of a energetic and committed team at SS Consulting whose founder who happens to be a Rocket Scientist (no kidding...) has taken it upon himself to see that IT SME's and IT Product firms who reach out to us gets a Win-Win value. The Win he and SS Consulting seeks is to have youngsters achieve meaning full work while being employed and in the process get back the state's talented folks to God's own country... will write about those in another blog....

From #shrm12, I had seen the need to get #HR folks connected better to the potential that #SoMe (Social Media for the un-initiated) offered for improving effectiveness at work.  Shrm folks has put up a #SoMeHive of sorts to get HR folks literally and physically (?) on to twitter, linkedin and facebook. I could imagine the situation in my country sitting there and that kind of led my thoughts around spending some time to support this need on a voluntary basis. I got the best opportunity to showcase some of those with results to HR folks in my own state of Kerala at the 31st National Conference of NIPM NCON-2012 which came up that year in September. This was the first ever conference held in Kerala in which portions web-casted live and also gave delegates free access to Wifi hotspots which I had personally set up. Yes, the router, dongle, cable contraption which was suggested by my good pals from Telecom sector combined with some of my Tech infr skills.

IM's took centre stage across the globe in 2013-14 period giving Social media has another possibility. However, solving everyday problems with these Tech tools remained unexplored even in Organizations which were pioneers in this arena. To explain what i mean by solving problems, let me take this extreme example of how Technology is being used to solve everyday and universal problem - this time curing Cancer. I believe Technologists achieve real depth only at this level and I feel there's enough room to lead more of our country's Tech talent towards this enriching and rewarding goal.

So I'm glad to dedicate my time at #shrm15 towards this interest of mine - Providing solutions to everyday Human resource problem aka Business problems involving people by using Technology as a directly or as a Catalyst... Looking forward to this journey with special thanks to SHRM India. Looking forward to reconnecting with this elite group of folks, some of whom I've been in touch for the past 3 years.... SHRM 2015 Bloggers List


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